Can you brake on the platforms?

I know that an EDR bot can’t grab the platform but if a braking system were to be employed, is this allowed? My idea is to create drag with a part that grips the plastic. Like a sneaker on a gym floor.

Yes. Just don’t damage or grapple the platform or field tiles.

yep, for a while we had a piece of c-channel wrapped with antislip matting that would grip really well.

if your using v5 try using the break mode hold function that will try to hold that position as much as it can so they have to slide you across they cant make your wheels spin

A LOT of teams don’t use this for some reason. It’s barely any code and it works extremely well unless your robot is lifted.

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like others have said, use a motor hold on your drive.

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Best solution by far imo. I’ve seen so many teams who, in the process of trying to maintain their position, fall off the center platform. Seems so silly to me that there’s a simple and elegant solution just waiting the be used. :laughing: But that’s just me. :man_shrugging:

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I am new to code and don’t know what this means. would you mind sharing your brake code with me?

so if you have v5 you can just set the brake type to either brake or hold, I think hold might be better… for cortex you’ll need encoders and write some code to make your motors resist all change that the encoders pick up. I had to do this, but for a novice coder it may be fairly challenging.

Ok, thank you. This is very helpful and I can probably figure it out now.

no problem!

there is also the problem of omni wheels. if you are using these there is no point in making it lock because you can be pushed side to side.

or use locked omnis in the middle. I was practically immovable on the platform.

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If you have v5 motors you could set the motors to hold. This will make the bot hard to move ( in the direction the wheels are facing)

Yeah, my team is in California and the code has never failed us.

You can have a button set the robot brake mode to hold when going up the platform.