Can you call penalties after the match

can you call a hording violation after the semi finals round has finished

we beat one of the better teams in semi finals 80 ish to 140 and would have gone to finals but where dq ed after for hoarding we wernt intentionaly but after looking at the fotage we where and am just wondering is there a time you have to call a penaltie or when ever

I’m assuming this is vrc and not iq since you’re talking about a hoarding violation. Did they look at the video to call the violation, because if so that’s a violation of t1b.

Technically, no penalties are supposed to be called until the end of the match, unless it’s something like an S1 violation and you’re actively destroying the field/other robots.

But yes, assuming it was you looking at the footage, not the refs, they are supposed to call any violations and penalties at the end of the match. If you got DQed, you need to just be careful not to hoard again.


ya i didnt mean to put it in the iq and they did go back, but i wasnt sure if it could not mater that since they didnt call it during the match

also it makes since that it wouldnt matter when thanks for the fedback tho

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Yes, we won finals at a recent competition because the other team was hoarding. We were yelling at the ref about hoarding, and he only dq’ed them after the match.

Which is exactly how it’s supposed to work – it is best practice to warn teams about potential violations during the match, but DQs should never be issued during the match.


he didn’t warn teams during it. this was a very bad ref who didn’t care at all.

Chill dude. We don’t know what ref you’re talking about, but you do. Next time try harder to not break the rules if you’re unconfident in the refereeing job.

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If you mean after driver control while refs are scoring a match, then yeah penalties can be called if the refs saw it. Video can’t be reviewed by refs to make calls on match results, and match results cannot be changed after a match is certified and all drivers leave the drivers box at that field.

Oh, we didn’t break the rules. I am glad he finally called it, but he should’ve given them a warning during the match. The other team was hoarding. And I was just saying this was a bad ref.

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