Can you change code after 15sec auton finishes?

Hi, our team has a coded version for our mechanisms so we can’t use the driver control (when you press A on the controller) and we have a coded version that has the ifs commands in it. We also have a separate code for the 15sec auton at the start of the game and we were wondering if we are allowed to changed the code on the robot brain after the 15 sec auton finishes?
Or if we can get the roller mechanisms in the drivetrain control and don’t need another code for the mechanisms?

I think there was something in the manual saying you can’t touch the robot after you place it on the field except for something but can someone confirm it?

you can not change code during match (this is implicit, once match start, it starts)…

Look at how to use Competition Templates where there is a routine for autonomous period, and another for driver control.


I mean, realistically you should add them together regardless. If you have to have two different codes it’s not exactly the best for scalability. I was working on reader auton and tried to balance 9 different programs, let’s just say it did NOT go well. If you can code it in one file you can do it in the other, and most likely it’ll just be copy and paste with a couple of if statements.

Note: you can upload code to different universes without an organization problem (tho you still can’t switch between them mid match) I was just talking about the computer files specifically

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I’m not aware if the new field control system allows for this, but the old one did allow for program changing. There is really no situation where this would be a good idea, save for the few times that I switched programs in the middle of auton after realizing I selected the wrong program. So it is possible, at least on the old system. And there are no rules prohibiting it. But of course it’s not a good idea to use this to change between an autonomous and driver control program when they really should be part of the same program.


I may misunderstood the idea of changing program to mean - downloading a new program.

I would not count on stopping program to change program between autonomous and driver …

interesting - can you ask ref to pause before starting driver period. my gut - no.

Best advice is use competition template and not be surprised.


Can you see the code slots on the controller?

You are able to see and start different programs on the controller. However, as Iacsap already said, you should look into using the Competition Template VEX provides.
If your code gets activated off when you press the A button on the controller that is fine for testing, but I’m not sure any referee is going to let you press buttons on the controller during the autonomous period, even if it is to start your autonomous routine.
The Competition Template VEX provides different sections for the autonomous and driver control portions of the match, and the field control systems will call those portions of the code whenever those are supposed to happen during the match.

Also, your first post is sort of vague as to what your goal is here.

We can’t use the driver control (when you press A on the controller)

This must be happening during driver control for you to use your controller… But it sounds like you are calling your autonomous script whenever you input A which is ok for testing I guess.

We also have a separate code for the 15sec auton at the start of the game.

Is this a separate program where the moment you start the program the robot goes off and starts driving on its own? If so, please look into Competition Templates as I mentioned above.

Or if we can get the roller mechanisms in the drivetrain control and don’t need another code for the mechanisms

Is this a game strategy question about if you should get the rollers in autonomous or driver control? Get them in autonomous. Also what do you mean by Another code for the mechanisms? Do you have a separate program for each task your robot needs to accomplish?

I really feel like this is an XYProblem, so it would help if you could clarify what your actual goal is here.


and the controller is disabled before and during autonmous, so that won’t work anyway.


Last year I had issues with with programing an auton in V5, but I could program one in Robotmesh. But The driver portion in Robotmesh was not smooth. So I made my autonomous programs in Robotmesh and my driver program in V5. After I heard the sound queuing that the 15 autonomous portion had ended, I picked up my controller and switched to my driver program before the driver period started. I had plenty of time to do so. I did this during worlds last year and didn’t run in to any issues so I assume it’s ok. The worst that would happen is you get dq’d that match and you have to solve the issue a different way. Hope this helped

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Um, that is an approach. Pretty big “worst that can happen” though. Definitely worth solving the problem so a DQ is not a possible outcome.


Vex V5 blocks has a tutorial video about the competition template, which automatically switches between the autonomous and driver control. It’s specifically one of the inspection requirements that you use it for your code. If you’re using another programming platform, I would still look into the template and apply the concept to the other programming language.

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That is true, plus you can always ask the head ref if it is alright so there are no issues at all

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