Can you charge while driving

Can you charge the v5 battery while driving around and how. And does this cause any problems if this can be done. I think there was a post on this I just can’t find it.

Well, you can, but it might cause the battery to break.


I am just curious but how could you exactly do this.

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A long extension cord?

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Yah I was hoping there would be another way than that and for it to be completely fine for the battery.

You could put battery packs that have an outlet and plug in the battery that way, although it isn’t recommended to charge the battery while you use it


I think the big issue is if your using the robot for more than basic tasks you will likely discharge the battery much faster than you charge it.

If you had a desktop platform spinning a single motor occasionally with low power requirements this would totally work. If you were driving a normal robot and had a fully charged battery to start (pretend cabling is solved) you would probably only get an extra couple minutes of driving because it was plugged in.

Buy more spare batteries.


Yah. Thanks for that. It makes sense. We have spare battery’s I was just wondering just in case for when we will have to use the robot a lot in practices.

If you had a proper power supply, you could bypass the battery entirely and use a 12V source (probably need 20A to be safe) directly into V5. However obviously if you do something dumb you could fry the v5.
That is in effect what BNS did in this video. You can see how much of a nuisance managing the cable is, but they wanted consistent voltage on the robot while tuning.


(And then it didn’t work at worlds, but that’s ok it was an awesome bot)


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