Can you compile code without brain?

Is there any way that I can compile my code to check for any errors without having to brain. I’ve tried looking up “how to compile vex coding studio c++ code without a brain” but it didnt bring up anything.

IIRC, in VCS, having errors should supersede being told there isn’t a brain. I think if you have no apparent errors in your code, then the message comes up.

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Using the RobotMesh Studio “Build” option, you can compile (tell me if I am wrong) to check for errors without a brain.

He is using VCS.
It looks like VCS does not let you compile without having a brain connected!
Add that to the growing list of why VCS is so terrible.

I would recommend switching to VEXCode or RMS, both of which have similar language to VCS but a much better editor.


VCS will let you compile without downloading, just use the same button as you would to download.


Alright, I stand corrected. However, I am confused as to why OP would have created this thread.

The way he phrased it, it just seemed like he wanted to make sure his syntax worked, just like how you might want to change the code at home, and then test it at school with your robot the very next day.

It’s still a really niche thing. I’ll admit that.

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