can you copy code from one program to another in ModKit?

When you have a lot of code and dont want to redo it can you just copy it to another file?

Can you undo a delete of a block of code if you accidently deleted it?

We can not seem to change motor or sensor ports once they are in a program. We see that the only way to change a motor or sensor port
is to remove it (and the code that was linked to it ), then it opens the port.
We can not seem to find basic tutorials of things such as these basic rules, that really should be laid out before programming.
They have wonderful tutorials on using and programming the sensors, but that it.


In answer to your first 2 questions: Nope!
However, you CAN open an existing program and save it again with a new name. This will allow you to keep the original, and essentially “copy” the code into another program and add to it. However, you cannot copy, cut, and paste in Modkit. Periodically saving multiple versions of the same program (as it develops over time) can also help avoid headaches if you ever want to go back in time.

Switching ports: As long as there is ONE open port, your can switch ports. Say you have items on ports 1-11, but port 12 is free. You want to switch the components on ports 6 and 8. Switch one of them (perhaps a motor on port 6) to port 12. Now port 6 is open for the item on port 8. Reassign the item on port 8 to 6. Port 8 is now open for the item that WAS on port 6. Switch this, once again leaving port 12 open. You’re done :slight_smile: Naturally this can be done with up to eleven items, provided that at least one port is open.

Hope this helps,


Nice. Thanks.