Can you drop a tri ball for match loads?

I was wondering if you could drop a triball / match loads?

You can’t exert any extra force on the match loads other than what would be required to gently “place” it on the robot. In other words, no you can’t drop the triballs.

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There’s only one way to find out!

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But the manual isn’t always clear.

“Dropping” is not “throwing” or “rolling,” And if you are dropping it onto your shooting mechanism, it will never bounce out.

Looks like the next section covers this. Dropping is not placing the match load ONTO the robot.

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Don’t tell me this is gonna be a “Vex needs to tell people the definition of gently in a video” group chat. My account got paused because of it!

Regardless, @355Y-Coach is right… dropping isn’t placing the match load on the robot