Can you enter in a competition unaffiliated with a school?

In the last two games, my team competed with our school; but due to a huge influx of members this year, certain team requirements, a limit to the total number of teams, and a few other issues, our options for competing as a school team are pretty limited. So, my team driver and I recently decided that we want to compete unaffilaited with a school/our school’s club. I have a sponser of sorts and funding, so the buying the parts shouldn’t be a problem.
In short, like the title says, would Vex permit us to compete in this year’s competition without being a part of a club or school? I have already looked through the registeration process, but the closest thing I could find to unaffiliated was homeschool.
Any help would be appreciated,
Thanks :slight_smile:

Unless Vex/RECF has very recently changed the rules, you should be able to effectively form your own club, register your own team, get a team number and go for it.

Ya a lot of teams have done it. Only real rule is an adult has to be responsible for you, and sign paperwork.

When did it ask you what you were affiliated with?


What are all the choices?

One other thing to remember is that VEX decided this season that a member of a drive team (the members at the field during a competition) cannot be on any other drive team this season. It sound like you have not been on a drive team this season so you are good.

You may want to check to see if there are other club teams in your area that support individual loosely affiliate teams. This is to split the first team startup cost of $150 between the subsequent teams cost of $100. Note that subsequent teams don’t get a notebook or game starter kit.

Team 202 from Wisconsin (RIP, since they have all graduated) was a team not affiliated with any organization. They formed their own club, registered and competed. They were one of the top 3 robots in the state of Wisconsin for the past 2 years. It is entirely possible.

My team is independant and is originating with no school or district. I will say this is possible to do but it can be difficult at the start.

Attached are the choices shown when I go to register a new team (with the same account used for 77321J). It defaults to Texas as the state, so I assume this form would be the same for any new team.

Of the options listed, I think “community organization” or “other” would be the best choices for an unaffiliated team whose members aren’t homeschooled.

Ya both community and other seem like reasonable options.

Alright, thanks. Looks like I’ll be be going with Other.

You are in good company. There are many robot teams, especially when you get to the higher levels of competition that are not part of a school. We just created our own team as well. Best wishes!