can you export a program from the robot to your computer

Can you export a program from the robot to your computer? I want to get a program from my robot to my computer. I can not find the feature and want to know if this is possible.

Its not possible with the Cortex and I doubt it is possible with the V5 Brain.

No, program compilation prevents this.
And to quote @tabor473


ok. Haha, I saw that post :slight_smile:

As much as I love my own quote, I should add that in the same thread JPearman mentioned it was going to be a feature added to VCS before to long.

(I explain how you add a feature like that in the other thread)

But such a feature wouldn’t be decompilation, correct? It would just save the source alongside the compiled binary to the brain, and the source would be able to be retrieved.

Ya. I just meant the correct answer to this thread would be. This feature does not exist yet but will be added to VCS soon (ish)