Can you film during VEX VRC worlds?

Hello, I don’t see much of recording during VEX VRC worlds besides the official ones. I want to record everything I do in this years worlds (Over Under) and I wanted to know it I could do that or if it is not allowed.

If you are filming your own team, then there is no restrictions.
And yes, please do take as many pics and videos when you are at worlds.

Btw, mind sharing your team number? Already qualified for worlds?

Some teams do do this I believe. Search up “VRC Worlds Recap” on youtube and you should find some.


Hello! My team is 17022J and we have qualified for worlds. Does this mean I am allowed to strap a camera to be chest or something to record the whole time?

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No. The are restrictions, for example interviews with Judges. probably more…

This guy made a 360° video walking around KBHCCD.

I’m releasing a simular video walking through pits in April.

Like what @lacsap has mentioned, certain areas and at certain occasions, there might be restrictions, eg. Inside the interview rooms with judges, etc.

And also, if other teams are gonna be the main focus or subjects in your footages, then it is a good practice (and courtesy) to ask for permission from the other teams.

End of the day, it is pretty much applying your common sense on when should you be doing what.