Can you fit more than one mobile goal within the 20 point zone?

I was told that you could only fit one mobile goal within the 20 point zone but after I took a closer look at the playing field, it seems possible that you could fit two or more mobile goals within the 20 point zone.

I am not certain so I was wondering if any of you could verify what I observed.

Yes, you can physically fit multiple mobile goals in the 20pt zone. However, only one actually gets scored. The other one counts for 0 points other than the cones stacked on it. It does not count as in the 10pt zone.

You can fit more than one, but only one will count towards your score. If there are multiple mobile goals with cones stacked on them then the one with the larger stack will count towards your score.

This is clearly stated in the manual, which you should read.

NOPE, its been said tens of times that you cannot put more than one goal in the 20pt zone, and if you do it wouldn’t count to 20 points.

Just to note, if you have two there, and both have cones, the cones are still scored, but as @NightsRosario pointed out, only the one with more cones counts for highest stack and the 20pt bonus

If the second goal is touching the 10 pt bar, it would count in the 10 pt zone.

To clarify, above is an excerpt from the Official In The Zone Game Manual. Although it is possible to fit multiple mobile goals in the 20 point zone, the goal with the most cones is scored and the others are void. In essence, only one goal is scored and if there are multiple, they will be void and not scored. Also, if a mobile goal is touching the 10 point bar, that is absolutely fine. As long as it is also touching the tiles in the 20 point zone. A mobile goal is scored in the highest valued zone if it is contacting multiple. Below is the definition of scored, in which you can see that goals are scored in the higher zone.

-Kai Wong from 8838B

This. And I don’t see how the second goal would not be touching the bar… But I guess it is possible that the cone with more cones is on the 10-point bar and in the 20-point zone, and an empty mobile goal is fully in the zone but not touching the 10-point bar. I must experiment with this.

I believe this is incorrect. The mobile goal is at issue here, not the stacks. So if you have 10 cones stacked on your second mobile goal in the 20pt zone, you would get 20 its for the stack and maybe 10pts for contact with the 10pt zone bar if there is contact.

I agree with your statement. I think i got the misconception that the cones will not be scored because of note 2 under the definition of scored.