Can you have 2 Engineering Notebooks? & STEM?

What are the rules for Engineering Notebooks, specifically:

  1. Can a team have 2 engineering notebooks - one for the ROBOTs’ (we have built multiple) design, progress, pictures…etc. and a second for PROGRAMMING?
  2. Or do the rules only allow teams 1 notebook and a second ONLY if they run out of pages in the 1st notebook?
  3. Where should STEM be documented? In engineering notebook OR in a separate notebook that only contains STEM?

I’d suggest a binder.

Our team has 2 separate notebooks - 1 for robot related activities (Engineering Notebook) and the other for STEM (STEM notebook). Engineering notebook is required (you need to submit it to the judges) if your team plans to attend any tournament and it’s very important piece of documentation that chronicles your team’s effort on designing, building and testing your robot. STEM notebook is not required. But we find it a good way to collect and document all the STEM artifacts for the team. Later, they can create STEM presentation slides using materials from the STEM notebook.