Can you have two drivers during a match

hello, i am not usually the driver for my robot, and I’m not super great at it, but the main driver for my robot is going through some stuff and is worried that he may freeze up/shut down mid-match, and wants me to be able to take over for him if he can’t keep going. He asked me to find a way to do this, and I was going to make the code so that the robot can be controlled by 2 different controllers (both with the same functionality and full control over the robot) just in case I need to take over.

I wanted to make sure that this is allowed before I go through the hassle of coding all of that.

Yes, teams are allowed to use either 1 or 2 controllers (2= 1 plus a partner controller). I would recommend that you and your team reads the game manual before posting questions on the forum. Teams that use 2 controllers usually split the controls across the 2 controllers (a good example is ITZ), and I have never heard of a team doing the setup that you have described (just because I have not seen it does not mean it cannot be done).


i know how to code it. but most people arent in a situation where they would need to do that, and i want to make sure we are still able to keep going even if he starts having a panic attack

well it’s entirely legal to have two controllers, just no more than that.


Any questions of “is it allowed” can be answered by reading the game manual. While your colleagues have answered correctly, you should really take a look at R-20 in the game manual and read it for yourself as well.


I’m sure none of your decisions are being taken lightly, so there are things you haven’t specified. Threads fill with unspoken detail, so I’ll collect some in this comment. This is just what comes to mind, not any indication of choices you should make.
We can also state specifically that <R20> doesn’t prohibit physically handing a controller to another member of the drive team during a match; no need for extra coding if only one controller is used. I appreciate that a person experiencing panic may struggle to let go of an object, or they may find themselves in the middle of a group of attendants that shouldn’t be distracted from their task, so this may not provide a solution in this case. If you believe it’s appropriate to use two controllers in this case, don’t forget to include an option to disable one of them to rule out random inputs. This might also take a little pressure off the person experiencing issues.


Yes I fully agree. I also wanted to do the two controllers so he wouldn’t be too embarrassed and it wouldn’t be too obvious during a match. And this way it will be easier for him to take over if he wants to, which I definitely want because he is a significantly better driver than me.

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@Troyandme This is an interesting concept. I have watched it done with RC flight training where the instructor can take control of a plane if their student is having problems and then let go of control once the student is ready. Would you program a “take control” button on each controller to declare which joysticks the robot would listen to?

I’m going to set up some code to do this, but I’m not sure yet. I’m probably just going to make the robot respond to the code regardless of which controller the command is coming from, that way it will be easy to take over, and once he is ready he can just immediately start driving