Can you help out New Zealand VEX teams at the 2019 VRC Worlds?

Hi all, I am writing this on behalf of the New Zealand VRC teams (7 teams - Team NZ) that are going to the 2019 VRC World Champs.

I managed to get hold of just enough V5 sets so that every NZ team going to the World Champs could use V5 if they really wanted to! The problem is that the teams only have 1 battery and 8 motors each :-(. Team NZ has a pool of spare motors (should be enough), a couple of spare batteries (3 to be exact) and a few Brains. The problem is 1 battery per team is not enough for a World Championships event if you want to be sure (guaranteed) of running on full battery all the time. They have no spare controllers or radios.

Team NZ is going to try to buy more batteries etc when the get to the world champs but there is no certainty that this will be possible.

I am asking the VRC community if there is any chance of NZ teams borrowing any spare batteries you may have if needed. I am more than happy to give you a full cash deposit on any battery borrowed until it is returned. They are probably looking at trying to get 2 batteries per team so 7 batteries needed.

If you can join in the spirit of VEX and the community of helping other teams, please could you reply to this thread or PM me with your team number. I will ask the Team NZ lead to contact you directly if/when they need to take you up on your kind offer. Team NZ hopes they will be able to get batteries but a ‘Plan B’ is always good to have.

Thank in advance


6526 will have extras if you need some. You can come by our booth or hit me up on here. We have extra motors too.


My school might be able to contribute for Worlds, we had one team qualify and 10 or 11 batteries so that sounds like extras to me. I’ll have to get permission from my teacher first though.


6627 can help. Come to our booth at worlds.


Like in previous years, stop by 9791C pit, we would be delighted to help


8301E has a battery you can borrow, we probably have some motors and a controller also if needed


The 1028 teams can help as well. Come by our booth. HS division.


if I were going to worlds, or had v5 I’d totally help out!
good luck, hope you guys do well!

Our organization will be bringing about 11 batteries, I bet we could spare a few for others in need. Stop by the 56J & G pits if needed (Were in highschool)

Wish I could help. (I can’t, but I would if i could…)
I hope this goes better for you with a larger team base. I needed to borrow a Cortex battery charger at a local event, and couldn’t get one. (Long story, interteam misunderstanding at my organization about who had what in their totes. I won’t get into it, but a parent coming late had to go to the school first.)

Hopefully, based on what I’m seeing here, your teams will be more than well off. Best of luck to you both in your spare hardware issues as well as competitive aspects of the event.

Always willing to help another team, but I was just looking at Robot Mesh and they have over 1300 Batteries and 900 motors in stock according to their website. Maybe have them ship them to their hotel or maybe the mentor team. If not please stop by our table and we can help. (45464Z)

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We have some spare batteries and some extra motors, so we’ll be able to help too. Hope you guys do well and get all the stuff you need! (97140A HS division)


I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that offered to help the New Zealand teams out with V5 batteries. I know that Doug Bryan borrowed some and that they really helped the NZ and I believe AU teams out. This is what makes me love VEX, the willingness to help out other teams. I am sorry that I never got the chance to drop by to personally say thanks but running a division is more than a full time job at the worlds and I had no free time. Keep well, enjoy the new season and I hope to see you all sometime in the future.