Can you hit a cap off a pole with a ball?

So my team recently tried to hit a cap off a pole with a ball and it worked. we know that you can’t intentionally put a cap off the field and out of play, but the cap stays on the field. the ball leaves the field though. does anyone know if you can manipulate a scoring element with another scoring element?

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Your question is answered in this Q&A post. In the future, it’s a good policy to search the official Q&A before posting questions here.


Two big issues - SAFETY - launching balls at alliance station or audience and intentionally removing game objects from the field.


Yeah don’t because you’re probably going to end up accidentally hitting someone important (judge) and that isn’t very fun

Technically, you would probably be hitting a referee, not a judge. (Unless one of the judges happened to be close to the field, which could happen, especially at a practice field that’s close to the pits.)

The judges would usually be in the Judges’ Room, or in the pits interviewing teams.

But you’re not alone - calling a referee a judge is very common (including within my family☺).


Yeah i guess, but at state we had a interview right before a match and we had to hurry to the field, so the judges said they’ll just watch our match. And it was just great driving while the judges are watching, especially when your robot can’t do everything you just told the judges it can do since it was falling apart. :upside_down_face: