Can you hold more than one block at a time

While reading the game rules, I noticed that the rules does not specify holding multiple blocks at a time is illegal. Before I re-design my robot I would like to know the specifacations on this.

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As you read the game manual, keep in mind that the manual tells you things that you must do, and things that you are prohibited from doing. It cannot tell you all the things that you might do, and never talks about game strategy or mechanisms.

Does the game manual say you have to have six wheels on your robot? Does the game manual say you can’t pick up every block in the field at one time? Does the game manual say you are restricted to one block at a time? If it’s not in the manual, it’s usually legal, as long as it is safe.


Its not a bad question because it does seem like there is usually a limit to the number of things you can pick up at a time, but not with this game.

Almost always, you can do ANYTHING not prohibited… Now, use easy Engineering principals to figure out what designs to consider… MODELING… If you look for different size dice, you can easily build a 1:3 scale game board… Let the Team use hands, like robots and figure out what works, and how many points they can possibly get… Here’s an image of the course, made for about $30. At least 1 Team member learned a lot about what they want to design and manufacture… :slight_smile:


I really like this idea of a scaled playing field. You can get so much inspiration for the design of your robot by just using your hands or other smaller materials.

We started doing something somewhat similar at our kick-off meeting with having human “robots” on the field to explore what was possible in the minute timeframe.

Thanks for everybody’s help!

If you’re about to try, go for 16mm, 25mm and 2 inch (or slightly less). The large are NOT to scale, and they don’t have the shape, but the big problems come from the large numbers of the smaller blocks.
The Goals had to be hand made from cardboard… 2" x 2" x 3.3" (thought I needed one slightly larger for the largest dice.