Can you legally hoard 1 goal when already in possession of 2?

i have a bot that can lift up a goal and hook one with a hook/claw on the back. if i have a goal on my forklift and one hooked behind me, and were to push one into a corner and stay there, is it hoarding? also can both you and your team memeber have possiession of a goal and hoard 1 goal and it not be a penalty? thank you!

sorry im not at my lab right now but just wanted to show if my claw can be considered possiesion.

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Hoarding definition:

Hoarding – A Robot is considered to be Hoarding a Mobile Goal if it is actively blocking an opposing Robot’s access to a Mobile Goal without directly Possessing it, such as by expanding horizontally across a portion of the field. See Figure 12a and <SG7>.
Robots on the same Alliance working in tandem to block access to Mobile Goals would share the Hoarding of said Mobile Goal. See Figure 12b.
Hoarding may occur anywhere around the field perimeter and/or Platforms; there is no requirement for it to be in a specific corner of the field.

Definition of Possession:

Possession – A Robot is considered to be in Possession of a Mobile Goal if the Robot is carrying, holding or controlling the movement of a Mobile Goal such that if the Robot changes direction, the Mobile Goal will move with the Robot. Therefore, pushing/plowing Mobile Goals is not considered Possession, however a Robot using concave portions to control the movement of Mobile Goals is considered Possession. See Figure 18.

Provided the hook is actually able to be used to drag the goal around, it will be considered possessed, meaning you could push a third goal into a corner and hoard it, so long as you do not let go of either of the other goals.