can you make contact with opponent robot?

If you throw stars or cubes over the fence and your robot touches the opponents bot, is that legal? I know you can not touch the opponents floor tiles, but what it your throwing mechanism hits an opponents and disables it some how, UNintentionally? Are you DQ’ed?

I think it would be best to make sure that there is no possibility for that to happen, as “intent” is a hard thing to call.

Ok, different thought. If someone if dumping can you go block them by keeping them off the wall.

If you haven’t yet read through the game manual, it talks about that and many other things. To summarize though, I would say that it is legal as long as it doesn’t look like you aim for their bot and shoot it several times(with stars or cubes), but maybe I’m wrong.

You have to be careful about entanglement, that’s all. Also, remember that ruling is always against wallbots or similar strategies. IE, if you’re trying to block their dump in a wall-bot like strategy, any entanglement or pinning calls would be made against your team, not the other team that got entangled in you.

This is definitely going to be something like the NbN intent of entering climbing zone rule, IMO. We will have to see the clarification exactly from Karthik and observe the head ref’s call.

I expect to see contact between robots on opposing sides. In my early read of the rules, I didn’t see anything that specifically prohibited it. Just as there was plenty of pushing in NbN for defense, I can see that happening through the fence (so long as you don’t touch the tiles). Think of it as jousting to keep a dumper away from the fence on the other side. Just make sure that there is nothing that intentionally causes damage, but tipping over an unstable climber with a push seems like fair game for defense.