Can you make states by placing top 3 or 5 in skills?

Hey guys, just curious. If i placed top 3 or 5 in locals at skills, does my team qualify for states? Is there maybe a point/ score cut off?

Depends on your region, and if people double qualified. What region are you in? Also, just checking, this is for EDR, right?


Yes, this is for EDR/ VRC. I’m from New Jersey

Do you have any info or links i can check out?

These pages should have all you need :slight_smile:


States has a set number of spots. Each team that wins tournament championship, excellence award, or skills championship get into states. No one team can have more than one spot in states. If there are additional spots in states, which are not take by any other team, they go down the skills list, to pick more teams


Hey I’m in NJ myself if you need any help feel free to reach out. As far as qualifying for states its a matter of your skills score after the Sparta event.

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For context, I am in the Idaho region. There are lots of people that are double qualified (most of the robots are pretty night and day, either pushbot/jank machine, or worlds worthy competitor). There are around 36 teams that have posted a skills score, and our state competition has 32 spots. Most of the teams that have won an award that qualifies for state have a very high skills score. This means that the top 32 skills score teams basically are a guaranteed qualify (maybe top 30, if a team under the top 32 in skills gets an award that qualifies for state which is unlikely but possible). If you are top 3 or 5 its fairly likely that you will qualify, depending on the number of double qualifies in your region and the amounts of spots available at state.