Can you park 2 robots on the center platform

Can you park 2 robots on the center platform because in the VRC Hub app you can park 2 robots on the center platform

Legally yes in my interpretation of the rules. Physically, it will be hard but is possible.

Legally you could park all 4 bots on the center platform. I don’t see the likelihood of that happening though.

There’s already been a few threads created to talk about this subject so I suggest you look for those.




I believe if possible you can park 4 robots on the highest platform because that how they show in Vex Hub (but it is going to be 4 baby robot)

Or stacked. Like a build your own parking garage.

Or jenga

That could be a fun and simple game. A giant Jenga tower in the middle, and the whole field divided into quadrants, two opposite corners Blue, the other two red. Then the goal would be to get as many bricks as possible in your corners.

Stacked would not count.

Center Parked – A Robot status. A Robot is Center Parked when it is:
• Contacting the Center Platform.
• Not contacting any Alliance Platform.
• Not contacting the foam field tiles or white tape.

If the robots are stacked, they would not all be touching the center platform.

Just because they’re stacked doesn’t mean they can’t still touch the center platform by a string, zip-tie, etc.
But the chance of stacked robots is very slim to none.

Agreed. That would be an interesting concept. Have a length of 1/8" braided nylon rope with a nut on the end so it will drop straight down. Climb up on your partner and double score the center.

I do not think we will see that happening too much, though.

Only problem is you would be outside your height limit.

Not if the lower robot is short enough that the two stacked together could fit in 18.

If you have an elevator or similar lift, you might be able to lower it to touch while simultaneously bringing your top down to keep your height under 18".

That would be a pretty neat partner thing, to have two robots combine into the 18, with the top having a tail, and both center parking. That is 12 points, in a game with a max of 45 that is significant.

You don’t really need the combined heights under 18" everywhere even, just on that portion of your robot. So you could make a parking space by putting your own elevator, shooter, etc. all toward one side while putting a sort of platform over much of the rest of the bot.

Very true. In a world with random partners, it is impractical, but two complimentary robots that could legitimately combine would be interesting. Double the motors, technically two robots parking, could separate and focus on different tasks, or combine to hit one with extra resources, could effectively double the possession limit if they were firing together. Possibly some interesting interpretations of “grasping” with regards to the field. If one robot held one side and the other held the opposite, they could grip without either technically touching opposing sides.

It is a thing i would love to see, but doesn’t have a lot of practical value.

Yes. This is something I’d mentioned earlier. I had thought it might be interesting in VEXU, where you can make two robots to work together, which would get rid of the random partner issue. However, VEXU has unlimited motors and other flexibility, so I think there would be less gain there anyway. I do expect to see some of the non-grasping grasping you mention with the VEXU partner robots, though.