Can you participate in both VEX VRC and VEX AI?

I would assume you can because these are different competitions.

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As far as I can tell yes but you will need to essentially build 2 vexu bots for the ai event. 15" and 24" with the ai sensors

Is it the same game for VEX VRC and VEX AI, or does VEX AI have a completely separate game?

VEX AI uses the same game as VEX VRC. The only modifications are opaque field panels and the VRC Field Position Code Strip that goes on the field perimeter for VEX AI.

will the ai challenge be available at state competitions ?

It would probably be quite hard to participate in both if you did so with the same team, because you would have to build 3 robots along with the additional challenges associated with VEX AI.

Depends on the population size of the state. I would look to the current distribution of VEXU tournaments as an indication of which events will likely host AI events.

As an event partner, I like to be ambitious. I’ll host an AI event with my last event of the year. If no one signs up, so be it. But I’ll create the tournament so the teams know they have something to shoot for!


Bob Mimlitch said Vex Virtual Worlds VexAI announcement that vex ai challenge was open to VRC and VexU students. The rule appendices says <AIG7> part C. “Students that are dual enrolled in both a secondary school and in post-secondary courses are not eligible to be Drive Team Members or participate on a VAIC Team.” Am I reading this right? There must be a mistake in the manual. @holbrook


Various other parts of appendix D also indicate that VAIC will be open to both HS and college/university students:

(emphasis mine in all quotes)

I’m not on the GDC, and thus can’t say with any certainty what the manual will look like in the future, but that line in <AIG7> sure looks like a mistake to me - Especially because it is lifted almost verbatim from the VEXU appendix. I would expect it to be corrected in a future update.


Is it because of this “dual enrolled” ?
Does that mean the student is enrolled in both secondary sch and post-secondary courses at the same time?
Is there even such a case? I know it is not possible in Singapore… not sure about US context though.

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Yeah, it’s fairly common in the US for high school students to take a few college courses while they’re still in high school; sometimes there are “dual enrollment” courses taught in high schools that grant both HS and college credit, sometimes HS students will just take a course at the local college/university.

In some of those cases, the student is technically “enrolled in college” even though they haven’t graduated HS yet - so that clause is necessary in the VEXU appendix to clarify that you need to have finished HS to be eligible for VEXU. My guess is it got copied over to the VAIC appendix by mistake, since most of the VAIC rules are copied from/based on the VEXU appendix.