Can you pick up another robot?

My team was wondering if you’re allowed to pick up robots and carry them? Or would that be considered trapping.


I struggle to see a way to do this that would not be considered either Trapping, or more likely, entanglement, which is a DQable offense if done intentionally.

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This is legal to do to your alliance partner but would be considered entrapment and illegal if you do it to a robot of the opposing alliance.


Pardon me for asking… But why? Why would you try that?

My team tried it one match, we were paired with a v5 claw bot and thought it would be funny to try and pick them up and put them on the platform. We were close, but were unable. Unfortunately there is no footage of our near success.


I didn’t want to be the one to ask lol, but I second this

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First thing we think of when paired with a tiny robot is if our claw can pick it up


Been there, done that department:


Picking up opposing robot and taking them off balanced platform, or lifting up alliance partner to put them on ramp without descoring rings that are on a goal on our balanced platform

Some VRC seasons in the past awarded points for being able to lift your partner above a specific height. Additionally, some teams would build mechanisms such that the two robots of the alliance would come together to turn into a megabot with 2x the motor limit.


Ivremenber the rules has introduced it