Can you recommend movie making software?

Ok this is off topic but what software do you guys use to make
like promo videos. Or robot releases.
is there a good free program out there that is good. Thanks.

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Windows Live Movie Maker is suitable for most needs. It can create titles/credits, and do some effects. However, I don’t have too much experience with this software, as I typically use a paid program…


I have used it before and it is great. The only problem is that i have xp, and i am pretty sure it doesnt work with xp

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Anyway, I believe VideoPad is free, and it is decent software. It is by no stretch of the imagination great, but it works depending on the project.
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XP should have Windows Movie Maker (not the same as Windows Live Movie Maker).
I’ve sometimes had to look it up in the Program Files directory (Default location for Movie Maker is C:\Program Files\Movie Maker), because it wasn’t listed with the rest of the applications in the Start Menu. Move Maker is similar to Live, but isn’t as “easy” to use. (As with many other applications, though, the “harder” software has more features. :rolleyes:)


I will try videopad. You also had a big step up from your last comperition. Good job.
I would likebto stay away from wmm because it is terrible quality.

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VideoPad is the software that we have pre-installed on our school laptops, so that is generally what we use.

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If you want to try something that in the Avid/FCP/Premiere league, this is in Beta.

There’s a long history to this, it was one of the first non linear editing applications used for feature film production which is being given a new lease on life as an open source (free) application. I haven’t tried it yet (the Mac version is due out mid December) but it looks pretty good. It will probably need a recent PC to run on.

I have an older pc. Dont know if it will wok.

Bizzare, I installed this myself earlier today after seeing it mentioned on

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If you are making robotics movies, you should take a look at the RECF Team Educational Video challenge.

I am trying to make abgood looking video for our sponsors to
be able to watch and understand whatbwe do more. I will also be using it for robot releases for our club.

Thanks guys for your recommendations! I too will find this useful, as our main driver/leader/captain/video-maker person graduated last year, and he had a mac :slight_smile: If you have one, I hear iMovie is very good, but if not, these programs should be very helpful!

Yes, iMovie is quite good for simple applications. I do have to concede that Macs are good for video and audio editing software.