Can you request the same board in autonomous

I was wondering if you can request a board to use for autonomous code so the discrepancies in the board can be remedied in the code at a competition.

Any questions that asks “is x legal” can be answered by consulting the game manual. In this case the relevant rule is G8:

<G8> Hands out of the Field. Drivers are prohibited from making intentional contact with any Field Element, Disc, or Robot during a Match, except for the allowances in <G12> and / or <RSC5>.

So no, you can not “reset” any discs/dispensers to their starting state during any match, programming skills or otherwise.


Ah, I see now that I misread “request” as “reset” – you want to know if you can ensure that all 3 of your programming skills runs take place on the same field?

The answer there is “maybe”. Some events only have one field for skills, so if that is the case all your runs will very likely on the same field. Otherwise, ask your event volunteers, the worst they can say is no.

But also, as long as everything is within the specifications laid out in the game manual (see Appendix A in particular), it’s expected that you’ll be able to deal with any minor variations from field to field.


Thank you so much!

Team 77732A
MSLR Robotics

Also, it seems that some board sags 15 -30 millimeters from gaps in the table layout.