Can you sell parts

Could you sell parts people may not have at a comp you host.


but will vex let you do it legally. Are there any legal problems? Through don’t you have control because you’re the host. If so can you do it as a competitor.

Depends on the Event Partner’s site.

okay cool but that doesn’t answer the legal q.

So, hypothetically, I am hosting event at my school. I choose to sell stuff at the event. Seems like a good idea, but then I find out a violated commercial use clause of the facility because I am running a commercial enterprise - now I find out that I am personally responsible for custodial and police detail fees to the tune of over $1,000 due to non-conforming use of a public building.

So, I would check with the people who OWN your facilities and make sure that your permit matches all the requirements.

cool thanks

Good answer. However, I took the OP’s question to mean - does VEX have a problem with it? As we know, there are only certain distributors in your area - so you either need to buy directly from VEX or from an approved distributor.

I would imagine that VEX wouldn’t want you buying new parts from them, setting up shop at your event, and selling them to others at or above the cost from VEX. Would they care if you sold used parts that you don’t need anymore at a reduced cost? I don’t know.

There have been a few threads where people are selling their old 393 stuff, and VEX didn’t lock them or anything. That might however have been oversight, or leniency because of the entire V5 shipping thing.

cool but couldn’t you just not tell vex

also I just relieved that there isn’t any forms that they make u sign that says you can’t do it.

You would run the risk of an EP getting mad, or if you are the EP and someone tells VEX then you could potentially get in trouble. I think if your intentions were to make sure all teams could have functioning robots (ie they are not limited because they don’t have enough motors due to shipping delays) then it would be ok.

One of our local distributors is always there selling stuff at our state tournaments. It’s nice to have them there if you need to buy a motor or something.

As far as I know, there’s nothing illegal about selling your used VEX parts.

I remember two years ago, team 6430 (Trinity Dragons) sold most of their VEX inventory at 50% off when they retired from VRC.

Edited to add: But of course, you would need permission from the people who are letting you use the building (and letting those people use the building, etc.), and I’m not sure if it would be okay to buy new parts just to resell them.