Can you stack in the opponents unprotected zone

The title explains it all, is it possible to stack in the opponents unprotected zone if there is not a stack allreay there?

If it is your zone, then yes. But if it is your opponents zone, then no. The whole point of this game is to score for your alliance, not your opponent’s alliance.

but would you get a dq for it? im not saying this is a good idea to do, but is it possible?


<SG5> Keep Cubes to yourself. Robots may not intentionally drop or place Cubes on an opponent
Robot, into an opponent’s Goal Zone, or into an opponent’s Alliance Tower.


One thing I thought was also I testing about the unprotected zone is that while a opponent is still touching the cubes in that zone you can hit that robot and prevent that. Good for keeping unbalanced tray stackers from scoring in that area.