Can you start the notebook befor comption

We have a competion in 2 weeks and we did not eve start the notebook. Is it okay if we start now with the dates or will we get kick from the competion.

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You won’t be kicked from the competition, I can say that for sure. I can also say that anything you can possibly document should make its way in there to some capacity.
What I can’t say, is how to date it. I don’t know if you should date it to when it happened, or date an entry when you create it, and mention dates of designs. Sorry I couldn’t help you there :confused:.


It’s better to have something than nothing. Don’t try to recreate the past and falsify dates, but rather get a copy of the judges guide:, and especially look at the engineering notebook information starting on page 19. You can begin making an engineering notebook, documenting your design process anytime. Find the “rubric” for the notebook in the judges guide and look at the criteria therein.

Many novice teams come to their first competitions without a notebook. If you do that, it just means you won’t be considered for some of the judged awards, like Design Award or Excellence award.
Your team will still be interviewed, and you’ll still be able to compete.


You can legally start note booking whenever you want and you don’t even need a notebook to compete. It is highly suggested that you start note-booking every day and follow this rubric. While notebooking isn’t necessary it is highly advised as you can see what you’ve done, what you have tried, all your research, and all of your design theories, notebooking is a lot of work but when done correctly it can make your vex season a whole lot easier