Can you still compete with Vex V4?

If you are competing in Vex Turning Point do you need to use the new V5 tech or are you still allowed to use the V4 tech to compete?

You are still allowed to use V4.

Using V4 is still legal, and if you are planning on building a robot that can shoot balls and stack caps then having 12 motors might be an advantage. V5 motors will really give an advantage when parking due to their greater power.

The real question is 8 v5 motors have the power of 16 - 20 393 motors , can you be competitive one 12 393 is the issue.

I think having 12 motors will make designing a robot that can do everything much easier.

You will be allowed to use the vex cortex for the next three years of competition. After that they will go the course of the pic micro controller and be made illegal.

Is it really three years? Where did you find this information?

You can but you wouldn’t be as competitive if you used V5. Especially in my state where it is a must for regionals and state.

you can use v4 and in the beginning of the year there might be some strong v4 bots going around but eventually when people start finding optimal ways to build around the v5 motor limit, i do believe we’ll see a shift to v5 dominance

While you can still use V4 legally, it is disadvantageous to use the system for a number of reasons.
If you are looking to be competitive on the world stage, V4 is not the best choice. If you are also looking to park on the top platform, the exposed wiring of this system may cause you to be more easily disabled by other robots. The motors may also not be enough to operate a quick and powerful wheel system for the launch of the ball elements, therefore, if using V4, it would be most strategical to make a cap- flipping system and a high lift for placing caps on posts.

@Easton I forget where. I think that is what they did for the pic when the cortex came out so I’m assuming they’ll just do the same thing.