Can You Throw Mogos?

Hypothetically, could you make a catapult that launched mobile goals? Could be used for a skills robot. Just curious if you’re allowed to throw game pieces.

Yes, but you could be dq’ed for damaging game pieces if the mobile gets damaged when landing.

That is a question for Jason, but it depends on if you throw like a girl.

We had a team at our school that threw mobile goals just using the momentum of their drive. We called it the MGBB- mobile goal throwing bowtie bot (DR4B’s are sometimes referred to as bowtie lifts)

I’m talking about launching them from midfield into the 20 point zone.

I would not recommend that

The question is not if you can, it is if you should.

While you could make a MOGO launcher, as soon as a MOGO leaves the field, it could be considered dangerous. While I am unsure of the exact consequences of being considered dangerous, the judges may DQ your team. And, if you accidentally throw out MOGOs repeatedly, it could be considered a violation of rule <SG8>.

However, making a basic launcher to maybe propel a mogo from the 5 point to the 20 point zone isn’t a bad idea.

I see what you did here. Is this now a meme?

We’ve experimented with this a bit. We found that:
1.) It’s only really effective in skills
2.) A faster drive is more effective than punching or catapulting the mogos

As a referee that stands at the corners of the field, this sounds painful if you missed.

Do it, that sounds awesome

Yeah. It’s seemingly a great idea and hopeful

this is the best question ive seen on the forum in a LOONG time. It’s certainly the best post since the water game meme. :slight_smile:

I have been told that it has been screen shot and posted to descord or discort or something like that. I guess it is another forum or something.

You could do it, there are a lot of ways it could go wrong and be a safety issue for teams and volunteers, but you could do it.

You can do it if you don’t damage the field in anyway. If you make a mechanism that can actually throw mobile goals, I’m going to be shocked, because the Mobile Goals are REALLY heavy.

He can manipulate these mobile goals with the robot however he likes, but <S1> is paramount in this game. I would be very suspicious of a robot that is capable of throwing those mobile goals (which, given their shape and weight, is a real challenge to do).

I want to see that. If you can devise a bot that can throw mobile goals you’d better get the design award. That would be even better than the reverse 18 bar I also want to see at a competition.

triple reverse 6 bar
But fr I want to make a quadruple reverse 4 bar, once this season is over.