Can you use ANY python modules

If you use python to code your robot, can you import any module?
Are there specific ones allowed to be used?

There are no rules against it. Note: “Your chosen programming software.”



I’m guessing you’re talking about Python in Robot Mesh Studio? You can find what is included with those in our docs: Cortex, V5. (It also exists for IQ.) It runs on Pymite, which only implements a subset of Python 2.5.

The rules allow you to bring in any module, as @sankeydd mentions, but it may be written in the wrong version of Python and the required dependencies might not exist in the Python VM currently available through Robot Mesh Studio. We do have future plans of updating to a newer Python VM as the hardware of the V5 system is a lot more forgiving to running a virtual machine than the Cortex and IQ platforms which we originally selected Pymite for.


Will you be updating to python 3?


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An updated Python implementation would include going from Python 2.5 to 3 something, yes.

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