Can you use string as an expansion to touch the tiles at the end of the game?

a fear I have for this competition is that the endgame really encourages teams to push the limits of what qualifies as an entanglement-posing mechanism. At it will probably get to the point where we do see string shooting and net-like mechanisms, the legality of which will be entirely left to the head referee’s opinion on whether or not it poses a substantial entanglement threat, leading to major inconsistencies from event to event.


Maybe they will update where string itself touching the ground doesn’t count, so teams would have to have attached parts. Or maybe teams will develop mechanisms that intake string, so it doesn’t count for the other alliance.

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That’s what I’m thinking as well. It seems like this rule was “light” so they could run it through Q&A (which is good).

The kids on our team are already talking about things like net guns and multi-string flingers and so on. I can’t wait to read the insanity they come up with after brain storming this one.


It would have to be something more thorough than that, teams could just attach deadly metal parts to their string in order to get around that rule. They might need to have another transitive contact debacle if they want to go down that road.



Yeah but the bigger question is ‘who gets credit for random parts left on the field’? Chains, nuts, bolts, etc.

Unless they’re directly touching a robot, they don’t count.

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Nobody. It’s not even about who’s touching them; if they’re detached, they’re no longer “part” of the robot.


you would need super long wires

So if we are touching any tiles in the low goals do they count as points?

SC5 point C states that the field tiles in low goals do not count towards the cover points.


the other robots can still drive to your side of the field

does anyone know if plastic straws are allowed for guiding string, or if there is an alternative construction material?

Please download a copy of the game manual, and give a good read of the “robot” section. Let us know if you don’t find your answer.



this rule should allow for it, but I’m not sure if it has to be solely used for pneumatics and cables management.

Also “R7 i” might overrule the previous one if I were to use a different size tubing than the normal black pneumatic tubing VEX sells, which was my intention.

you appear to have highlighted a sentence that very clearly answers your own question. Try reading again more closely, this rule is very clear and literal with what it is allowing.


could you use a net launcher that launches a net up with small weights with strings attached to it and count for coverage?

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Yes a net would be allowed and count towards covered tiles as long as it doesn’t break any other rules such as the vertical height limit. All the rules can be found at And remember to read the manual and use the search bar before reviving a thread.


Don’t forget that while string is allowed, premade nets aren’t. If you’re clever, you might be able to make your own net out of string, but many (maybe even most) inspectors would want some evidence that the team had created the net out of legal string.

(edited to clarify that premade nets aren’t allowed by the rules)