Can you use String in VIQC


does anyone know if it is legal to use string on your robot in vex IQ?



< R7> VEX IQ parts only. Robots may be built ONLY from official robotic components from the VEX IQ product line, unless otherwise specifically noted within these rules.
a. Official VEX IQ products are ONLY available from VEX Robotics & official VEX Resellers. To
determine whether a product is “official” or not, consult

There isn’t a line anywhere about “string” in the rules as an exception, and looking at the website, there is no official string. The closest I can see is the “Pulley Base Pack”, but since you cannot cut Vex IQ parts due to < R13>, that’s a pretty clear no.



thanks mate, i was wondering because we have an robot that has and intake and we were going to use a stringdexer, but we can use a mechanical indexer :grinning:



I am wondering what a stringindex looks like?



If I’m not mistaken 240P was the first team to use the so called “stringdexer” (string indexer) during Turning Point. I forget which reveal it was exactly though.

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here is @Lachlan240P reveal for nationals

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Sorry, I didn’t see the post was already solved :joy:



Technically, there are legal fixed-length string elements that you can use in the VEX IQ Challenge. :grinning:


Currently, they are only available in fixed length 12x Pitch Rope (228-2500-430) and 20x Pitch Rope (228-2500-436) lengths, although there will be a new third length 24x Pitch Rope (228-2500-438) available later this year in a revised v2 version of the HEXBUG VEX Robotics Crossbow kit.

All of these rope elements have plastic ends that snap onto VEX IQ pins or shafts, and can be locked onto the 1x Wide Spool (228-2500-420) by putting a shaft through it.

Kits that contain the 12x Pitch Rope
Catapult (An improved v2 version of this kit will be available later this year, but it will still use the same 12x Pitch Rope)

Kits that contain the 20x Pitch Rope
Crossbow (An improved v2 version of this kit will be available later this year. The improved version will use the new 24x Pitch Rope)
Trebuchet (This kit contains 5x of the 20x Pitch Rope elements, as well as the new 75 gram weights and a ratchet and pawl mechanism)