Can you use vex iq chain

The title pretty much says it all. Can you use the vex iq chains for VRC turning point? Basically are they identical so that they are legal.

No, you can not use Vex IQ parts for VRC besides the pins to connect the license plates.

Always check the game manual first for these kinds of questions. 99% of the time you can find the answer in the game manual. link
This is from Rule R5, under bullet c:

Vex IQ chain though may be the exception to the rule as I think it is the same chain as the Vex chain and sprocket set– And more than likely you should be able to use the colored sprockets as well being identical except for color.

Nope. The original chain and sprocket is really small chain, really only good to drive an encoder with basically no-load.

IQ chain and sprockets are clearly smaller than EDR High-strength chain and sprockets (but bigger than the original low strength EDR chain)