Can you use vex pro parts?

I need to use a vex pro part, but we are an edr team. Can we use it? Heres a link.

You can wait for an official answer, but I am 100% positive that answer would be NO!!!

hope this helps

Manitha is right. I had a rival team at my school get disqualified from competition because they were using VEX IQ wheels as a “wheelie-bar” support system during the Starstruck game. Long-story short, there is always some alternative out there.

Just saying, it helps to read the game manual before asking a question about it on the forums.

I think you will also find that VEXPRO parts are really not designed to be used with edr parts. You would have to have an illegal adapter from the 1/8 inch square vex shaft to the key stock shaft from a normal CIM or BAG motor, then an adapter from the 1/2 inch output hex or round shaft to the 1/8 inch square shaft.