Can you win the auton bonus if the other team gets the auton win point

So one of my teammates are saying that if you get the autonomous win point, you automatically get the autonomous bonus even if the other team scores more points. The wording in the game manual makes it seem as if one can happen without the other, say if one team scored 10 disks in the high goal (50 points) while the other team just accomplishes the whats neccessary to get the auton win point (30 points), the team that gets 10 disks should win the bonus for getting more points while the other team should get the auton win point for completing the task.

My interpretation is that the autonomous bonus and the autonomous win point are evaluated separately.

Can your teammate explain the ‘AWP winner automatically wins the bonus’ using the rules in the game manual?


No who ever scores more wins auto and both teams have opportunity for awp