Can you Y-off Sonar Sensors?

We are running out of dgtl slots and need every sensor that is there. We want to y-off the transmitters and allow the receivers to be on there own dgtl ports to allow for separate read outs. I don’t know how to pragma them out. All help is appreciated Thanks.

Is this for a competition robot or just in general using the cortex?

For competition Robot.

Would this work the way you want it to? Don’t the interrupts on the receive side need to be coordinated with the send side?

Good question for Karthik. Since R-12 is where the only Y-cable rule is, it only mentions motors so he could rule either way. R15.a may or may not be violated in that you are altering the typical use of the sensor but not altering the sensor itself.

It won’t work in ROBOTC, we don’t have that capability.