Canadian qualifying tournaments

Hey guys, I was just wondering if I could get a little clarity on Canadian tournaments. In Alberta there is the edmonton tournament to qualify for the worlds. I was wondering if there are any other tournaments in which the winners qualify for worlds. Also do points from small tournaments allow you to rank higher in larger worlds qualifying tournaments.

In BC we are having a provincial championship in Vancouver this coming weekend. The winners will get spots for worlds. You had to have qualified for it at a previous event in the season. All except one of the events had teams qualify for the provincial championship. The event that didn’t have teams move on, had too few teams to run a proper event.

In Ontario we have provincials in 2 weeks, to which the teams qualified from the regional competitions. Alberta only has 4 spots to Worlds, while BC has 8 and Ontario 13, based on how many teams there are in the region, so qualifying from Alberta might be a bit different than from competitions with more teams.

So for you in Alberta, there is only one event to qualify for Worlds. Even if you were to have qualified for BC or ON provincials, I don’t think you would be allowed to qualify for Worlds from there. The only other way for you to qualify for Worlds is through the global Skills Ranking.

Based on your results in Alberta you may get an invitation to the Pacific Northwest Regional Championship “A” Division, held at BCIT on March 6/7.

The BC teams who competed in “A” division last year had a higher win ratio at worlds than they did in “A” division.

For most teams it is more difficult to qualify for “A” division than for their provincial or state championship, making it an exceptionally high level of competition and a great way to prepare for worlds.

It is also a last chance to achieve a high skills score.

There are, unfortunately, no qualifying spaces specifically allocated to this tournament as it falls after or in conjunction with most championships.


Thanks so much guys for all the great info. I really wasn’t sure how it worked. That pdf was really useful jpearman, thanks guys!

The Pacific Northwest Regional Championship is a great event that is open to teams in the US, too, which always generates international excitement. The level of play in the A division is what you see in the Elimination rounds at the VEX World Championship. As our program gets bigger, a smaller proportion of teams make it to the World Championship, and it is exciting to see events like this springing up to provide one last championship-level competition for teams at the end of the season.