Cancelled Event - Processing refunds

We now have had two event that have been canceled that we have signed up for… one for not enough teams signing up and the other due to poor planning on the EP not securing the space.

My understanding is that the EP still gets paid for registration fees minus the $5 REC fee.

Who should have to eat the $5? Teams or EP?

This is an accounting nightmare for teams…, I know that my bookkeeper has to reference the invoice that is being refunded and it if is $5 short that will cause issues.

EPs need to detail what their refund policy is when they set up their event. There should be a tab where this is stated. By signing up for a tournament, you’re tacitly agreeing to the refund policy. I know it’s tough to have an event canceled on you but there are reasons beyond an EPs control for cancelling - such as weather. In the future, if you’re not happy with an EPs cancellation/refund policy, don’t sign up for their event or contact them prior to signing up to see if they will modify it.

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Sometimes you can reach out to RECF directly and get refunded if the payment to the event partner hasn’t processed yes. RECF should have their own policies about canceled events and the $5 fee. RECF gets very hands off very fast with stuff like this.

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