Cannot add more than two motors in motor group

In the “robot configuration” section in VEXcode Pro V5, I cannot add more than two motors to a motor group. The only way around that the limitation is to use expert configuration mode, with seems inconvenient. Is this intentional or not?

The blocks GUI is an entry level environment to get teams started with programming. In blocks motor groups can only contain two motors. You can either create multiple motor groups in blocks and manage them in your When Started hat, or you can switch to text and customize the group.

Blocks Example

Text Example

motor Motor1 = motor(PORT1, ratio18_1, false);
motor Motor2 = motor(PORT2, ratio18_1, false);
motor Motor3 = motor(PORT3, ratio18_1, true);
motor_group LeftMotors = motor_group(Motor1, Motor2, Motor3);

  while (true) {
    LeftMotors.setVelocity(Controller1.Axis3.position(), percent);
    wait(5, msec);

As I mentioned previously, I am not using block programming, but rather using VEXCode Pro v5. I know I can just initialize the motor group in my own code, but I would rather initialize it through the GUI, as it is cleaner (?) than writing and modifying the robot-config code by myself. So what is the solution there?

There is no GUI solution, time to drop the training wheels and write some code. It doesn’t have to be in robot-config.cpp, it could be in main.cpp or any other source file you create.