Cannot add team to waitlist on RobotEvents

Hi! I’m a newbie coach struggling to figure out the RobotEvents system. I’m trying to put my team on the waitlist for a VIQC signature event, but it says my team is not eligible. It also says that the maximum number of teams from the local district, 30, have been registered, but then it says that 33/30 local slots have been taken. So somehow teams are being added despite this limit. Is there something I can do from my end or ask the event coordinator to do from her end to fix this?

Email the event partner. We can typically go over the limits.

(I can’t fill my events to over 110% capacity, though, so there are some limits built into the system.)


I have, and she said she would let us in if we were on the waitlist. But RobotEvents won’t let me onto the waitlist

Are you registered for, or on the waitlist for another event on the same day? If so, robotevents won’t let you add yourself to another one. You will need to drop the registration or remove yourself from the other waitlist to allow it.


We aren’t registered for any events on the same days as this one

Can you share the event page?

Ask the TEM (Team Engagement Manager) in your region, they can help. Robot Events

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