Cannot connect v2.2.0 to Windows 11

I cannot connect a 1st generation brain to the Vex IQ software using the latest software app or the online link on Windows 11. Firmware has been updated to v2.2.0. Bluetooth is on.
Online error message says “ wants to connect to a serial port” at the top and “No compatible device found” in the middle.
The app does not say anything.
I can connect with an iPad.

Edwin Hensley
Louisville, Kentucky

Small point, if you can still edit, the better topic would technically be under Vex IQ Technical Support, instead of V5.

Also, try searching for Windows 11 using the search bar; some other folks have run into this lately as well.

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You can’t connect to the 1st Gen Brain from Windows using Bluetooth. Connect a USB cable and you should be all set.


I had this issue, I was using a cable though. The controller has to be on, then plugged in. The brain has to be off until the controller connects. Then turn on the brain, and don’t turn it off, or unplug the controller. This works for vexcode V5 pro.

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