Cannot download RobotC firmware or program

Hello all,

VEXos Utility is able to detect my brain, controller and all connected motors. When downloading the firmware of Graphical RobotC i receive the error message: “Cmd: “VEX IQ Stop Pgm” Error: No reply received”. I know you must download the firmware before the program, but downloading the program gives the message "Failed to verify that the serial link is connected to a Robot Controller. COM port ‘COM6’ cannot detect a VEX IQ brain.

I find it very weird because the robot had RobotC firmware downloaded and it was already running programs. My students made an edit to the code and had to redownload it, where we encountered this issue.

Seeing lots of posts about VEXos lately. Is there something with v2.1.4?

To your question about this error message, this looks like a USB connection error message. I’ve seen the error message Failed to verify that the serial link is connected to a Robot Controller. COM port xx many times. Can you check the USB connection to the computer and the micro-USB connection on the brain? They may be loose.

On my laptop, we usually wait about 1 second after the USB and brain are connected before clicking on the button to download the firmware or download the program to the brain, otherwise we get that message.

I’ve also seen the laptop that my daughter’s teacher uses never works with downloading on RobotC graphical… something about the USB ports not that laptop. Never figured out why that is but none of the USB ports on that laptop work, so we have to use another laptop.

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Yes i fixed the issue. For some reason the ports on my laptop cannot connect with the brain. I have a USB port extender I occasionally need. Plugging the brain into this, which was then plugged into my laptop port allowed downloading of firmware and program. It only works on one of the ports though, so im assuming it is a hardware issue.

Yeah, it looks like same issue as my daughter’s teacher’s laptop. Nice to know that a port extender worked for you. Maybe that will work on the teacher’s laptop. I’ll try that next time!

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