Cannot drag parts into fusion 360

After downloading the fusion 360 parts library, I uploaded the entire unzipped folder into the fusion hub, but could not drag the parts into the workspace. I saved the project and every file is a .f3d. I am not sure if this has to do with m1 macs because I am using one

Is your workspace saved?

yeah, i mentioned that i saved the project

Are you familiar with Fusion 360? Normally you would right click to the file you want to insert and there should be option named “Insert into current design”. If you click that you should be able to insert and use it. If it doesn’t work try restarting Fusion 360. Also, you can add the “add-on” which makes you able to cut pieces for the number of holes you want.

I used to use a Mac, I noticed this issue as well. You can right click the part you want to insert into the assembly and press Insert into ... [I forget exactly]

oops, my bad. :laughing:

You could try the following steps:

first right click the .f3d part you want to insert and choose Create Fusion Design:

After doing this, you will end up with another part file, but the difference is that now you can insert your part without dragging. (see next step)

After your new file has been created you can now right click this new file (the file icon should be different now; an orange cube), and select Insert Into Current Design:

Selecting Insert Into Current Design should insert this new part into your current design.

I realize that this is a very roundabout way of solving your problem, but it is the only thing I can think of at the moment, hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Yes, but not exactly. the part you select can’t be a .f3d file; the option doesn’t appear for that type of file… see my post.


Thanks for informing me. I actually didn’t realize this in all my years of using Fusion haha.

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this is whats happening and I don’t think I am getting the option

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i just found the solution myself LOL, I was uploading the entire lib on the fusion hub website, but if I upload the files in the fusion app like 1 by 1 and make them editable then it can be inserted.

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