Cannot get Controller (2nd gen) to pair with Brain (1st gen) - IQ

I am using this site but it is not working.

Is the IQ Gen 1 brain fully updated to vexos 2.2.0 ?
Does the IQ brain have a smart (blue) radio installed ?


Yes, VEXos 2.2.0.

Yes radio installed.

Try the following order, sometimes pairing can be a bit temperamental.

start will brain and controller powered off.

turn on the brain
select settings
select “Pair Controller” the label should change and show “Pairing”

turn on the controller.
hold L1/L2 and double click (press twice fairly quickly) the power button, the led should turn orange.

After a few seconds the brain and controller should pair, the led on both will flash green.


I can not get anything paired. The brain reads connect controller, but they are connected. And they don’t show up on the app utility vexos so I can see that everything is connected.

This sounds like an unrelated question, are you also pairing a Gen 2 controller with a Gen 1 brain?
Perhaps it would be best to start a new topic with more details on exactly what you are trying to do.


Note: When connecting to the VexOS utility, make sure you have VexCode closed.

Often I have trouble reading devices on VexOS if they are already communicating with VexCode.

Also, use the genuine/high quality USB cords, not ones you found in the back of a drawer that seem to fit, they make a difference.


Thanks, James! You’ve helped me, quickly and efficiently, yet again!!

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