Cannot get our autonomous to start

We recently updated from a PIC to Cortex, and as a result are working on programming in EasyC v4 rather than EasyC v2.

Last week we created a competiton file to use at a competition this weekend. The Operator Control runs fine, so all motors work and are in the correct ports. But we cannot get our autonomous to run at all.

The code is below. The user functions (driveforward, armsup, etc.) are all very simple functions with one or two motor commands to run the wheels, arms, and ‘hands’ of our robot. A very similar autonomous code ran very well in EasyC v2. Does anyone have an idea what we are doing incorrectly? Thanks!

Code begins:

#include “Main.h”

void Autonomous ( unsigned long ulTime )
closehands ( ) ;
Wait ( 1000 ) ;
stophands ( ) ;
armsup ( ) ;
Wait ( 2000 ) ;
stoparms ( ) ;
turnright ( ) ;
Wait ( 500 ) ;
driveforward ( ) ;
Wait ( 1000 ) ;
stopwheels ( ) ;
armsdown ( ) ;
Wait ( 1000 ) ;
stoparms ( ) ;
openhands ( ) ;
Wait ( 500 ) ;
stophands ( ) ;

To run a Autonomous Code in a competition template in EasyC V4 you will need to either: use a VEXnet Competition Switch, or use the Competition Switch Simulator in the intelitek loader and the orange USB to Serial Cable.

To run your autonomous code using the Competition Switch Simulator you will need to: Turn your Robot and Joystick on, Once they are linked, plug the Orange USB to Serial Cable into the Joystick and you computer. Next open the intelitek loader, click the “Competition Switch Simulator” tab. Click “Refresh” and then click “Enable” and “Autonomous”. Your Autonomous Code should now run.

Good Luck,

Thanks so much!

Hi, i’m having some problems with getting my autonomous to start as well. When i use the competition switch simulator it only starts up my sensors during autonomous but not the motors.
To get my motors to start in autonomous i must open the on-line window, enable, the close re-open the competition switch simulator and then can start my autonomous. I was wondering is this going to happen during worlds as well? or is it just something wrong with the simulator?

Thanks in advanced,
Team Svartmetall.