can't access easyC

First, everytime I tried to open easyC, I got a message like “registered component missing”. I thought it wanted the installation key, but I was never asked to enter it, so I tried to uninstall easyC, to see if it would ask for the key when I reinstalled progy. Uninstall hung, and there was a “start error”. Nothing worked to uninstall, so I manually deleted the program folder. Tried to restart installation, and got “start error”. All uninstall efforts get “start error”. All reinstall/repair efforts get “start error”. The whole kit is worthless if I can’t program it.

What version of windows are you running? easyC is designed to run on Windows XP, 2000. Please restart you computer and try installing the software again. If you are still having problems please call our technical services department at 1-800-221-2763. The installation of easyC is very straightforward, so there is probably a conflict with either the hardware or licensing.

I’m running XP. I did restart computer, many times. How could it be a licensing problem? It never asked for my CD key, and, even if I skipped that screen somehow, shouldn’t it have gone into “trial” mode? Anyway, now I can’t uninstall it, or fix it, so that’s a programming error. You didn’t say what the “registered component missing - restart computer” is referring to. The software should be written so that, if someone misses something, if that is the case, they should be able to fix the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling, or something. I put a lot of money into this system because I thought it would be more flexible than LEGO Mindstorms NXT. Now, it seems to me, that if I had gone with Minstorms, I’d have something to show for the last weeks efforts.

very disappointed!

:smiley: My bad. All fixed. Cleaned out my computer and reinstalled everything. Now easyC works.:wink: