Can't connect

Hello I am having a probelm with my cry nex robot. I plugged it in the computer and ran I program on the robot to do the same thing over and over again. Now I can get the wireless control to work again do you know how to fix this? Thank you

Are you using a VEX Cortex and VEXnet Joystick with VEXnet keys? To enable wireless communication, you must make sure all your firmware is up to date with the Firmware Update Utility. Pair your Cortex and Joystick by connecting a USB A-A cable between the two and powering on. Once the VEXnet light is green on both the Cortex and the Joystick, the devices can communicate wirelessly with two VEXnet keys.

If the VEXnet LED is blinking green and you still cannot control your robot, try downloading Default Code. There could be an error in the User Code that is preventing you from controlling your robot.