Can't Constrain Bearing Flat in Inventor

I watched a couple videos on constraining a bearing flat and it gives me an error. I connect the tiny bit of the bearing flat that holds it in the square holes and then the flat surface of the two pieces. But when I mate the two flat surfaces it gives me an error. Is there a problem with the bearing flat file?

…don’t do it like that.

Does your parts library include axis or circles in the c-channel holes at all?

Fixed that for you.

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No it doesnt, is there a library that has all the metal or do i have to individually make the library?

I think this can help solve your problem (it shows you how to make holes in the metal so you can constrain bearing flats (and other parts) using its circles.


Here’s a bit of general information about molded plastic parts and why there can be mate errors (in all CAD software, not just Inventor). In a nutshell, only the bottom (and top) of the bearing flat, along with the hole axis, should be used as mate features. The “sides” of most molded plastic parts has “draft” or angled surfaces, typically 2°, to allow the parts to release from the molds. It’s not something you notice unless you’re looking for it. The side surfaces (and the nibs on the bottom), therefore, are not perpendicular to the base surface and don’t work at mate features.

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