Can't debug RobotC program with RobotC Debugger

I upload code to robot through USB, the debugger window appears, I Click start and nothing happens. I even opened the competition control windows and clicked autonomous and nothing happened. What am I doing Wrong?
Thanks in advanced!

Can you post your code? It sounds like you’re downloading the program properly, but your program isn’t running what you want it to.

Side note: I’ve found that Competition Control window in RobotC to do absolutely nothing. But an easy way to quickly test your autonomous play while keeping your computer connected to your robot is to add this to your



startTask(autonomous); //start running autonomous code
stopTask(usercontrol); //we don't need this task to run anymore, and we don't want the code inside it to potentially interfere with the autonomous code

The code works perfectly when I disconnect the USB and plug in the Vexnet.

do you hear a high-pitched sound when running the code?