Can't Download Firmware

I have a cortex that was working fine until last Friday night. At that point, I could not download robotc code anymore. I was getting an error message (sorry can’t remember exactly what it was) - but it was something about not being able to access secondary memory or something like that.

Anyway, I decided to just download the firmware again. I pressed the “config button,” downloaded the software then ran it. However, when I plug the cortex to the computer, I get the following light sequence:

  • Vexnet and game flash orange for a short time in an alternating pattern
  • Then the Vexnet and robot leds go green for a very short time
  • Then the robot led goes to red and flashes on/off repeatedly and the vexnet led stays solid green
  • After a minute or so, the vexnet led goes off and the robot led flashes red in a blink-blink pattern

During the entire time, the VEXNet Upgrade Utility Window shows “Connect a VEXNet Device.”

What is it telling me? Thanks!!

Hello Gear Geeks,

Thank you for visiting our forum.
The blinking pattern you describe is indicating an issue with User Code, this LED pattern could be related to the software issue you are having, but we need more details.

In order to further diagnose the problem I will need to have a screenshot of the actual error message that is generated and a screenshot of your Windows Device Manager “Ports” section, as the Cortex is connected to the PC (sample attached). Please make sure you are only running one compiler at a time; for example, you cannot be coding on ROBOTC while you have the VEXnet Upgrade Utility running on the background, as they will interfere.

I await your feedback.
VEX Robotics Comm Port (While Connected).png